Please help write my paper As one believed by his followers to have possessed a “saving nature,” Jesus Christ has inspired centuries of claims about who he was and why he came into the world. As a movement, Christianity initially accommodated a variety of theological insights and prayer formulas that centered on their central figure’s saving nature. As an increasingly-formidable institution after 325 CE, however, Councils were convened to clarify and unify the Christological core of claims that were eventually established as irrefutable. Describe the importance of the debates and subsequent creedal language about the saving nature of Jesus Christ. In your response, comment on such concepts as ransom, atonement, justification, and reconciliation as well as the debates and Councils that definitively settled the debates. Finally, in what ways, if at all, do these ideas have merit for today’s believers? Explain. This paper should be 4 pages. Sources to be used: 1. Jesus The Christ Contemporary perspectives by Brennan R. Hill pages 220-237(Early Doctrines: Development and Critique) 2. Consider Jesus waves of Renewal in Christology by Elizabeth A. Johnson pages 19-34(The humanity of Jesus) 3. Contemporary Considerations of Christological Creedal Language by Chrittister – Chapter from : In Search of Belief I will attach some notes to help. Thank you!!!

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