This paper should be based on the book, Doris L. Bergen, “War and Genocide.” The topic of this paperis: Bergen argues in her book that during the years 1939-1940 there was a significant change in the Nazi regime’s policies against its enemies (Jews, Gypsies, people of hereditary disease and political opponents). What were the differences between the policies of the period 1933-1940 and those of 1940-1945? Is there any connection between the policies of these two periods, or are they completely separated and unrelated? (in your answer consider the “practical” and ideological justifications for the initiations of these policies; the worldviews leading to them and the circumstances in which they are initiated; and the German public reactions to these policies). This paper has to have a strong thesis statement and great arguments. Please place a strong thesis related to the topic of this paper above. This is very important to put the page number when you quote from the book. This is what my instructor said, “When you quote from the book, use parentheses and indicate source and page number: (Bergen, 41). There is Google book online, you might not read the entire book there by preview, but you can still read some part of the book. Could you read the actual book, and write my paper with quotations? Also, Please use EASY grammar structures and EASY vocabularies for this paper. I will attach two secondary sources that might be helpful to write this essay. Please use these sources if there are any details related to the topic of this paper. I really appreciate you to write this Essay! Please write this paper with an explicit thesis and strong argument after you read the book by Bergen. If you have any question, please contact. I will reply as soon as possible!!