I WANT YOU TO WRITE THIS PAPER ABOUT PRESCHOOL CENTER, GIVE MANY EXAMPLES FOR EACH QUESTION, I NEED GOOD AND CLEAR  EXAMPLES WHEN YOU ANSWER EACH QUESTION. MORE DEEP DETAILS PLEASE HERE ARE THE QUESTIONS FOR YOU NEED TO WRITE MY ESSAY PAPER SHOULD BE IN APA style/format Planning the cost of your program. You will use this as a planning document for opening your center Respond to the following questions – give detailed reasons for your responses. (Do not give one word or one sentence responses – show that you have given thought to each response) 1. why would you like to serve the preschool/PreK age group?
2. What is the greatest unmet need for childcare in your community? (How did you discover that this was an unmet need?) 3. How will you obtain the resources (money, supplies..) to meet that need? (Each age group presents particular challenges (e.g., infant care is the most expensive, school-age children may need transportation, etc.).) If you choose not to meet that need explain why.
4. Do you want a particular curriculum for your preschool center for preschooler/Pre-K or educational philosophy?? Explain what you know about this curriculum and why you have chosen this curriculum EXPLAIN WHY CURICULM IS IMPORTANT FOR PRESCHOOL CENTERS”? WHAT KIND OF STAFF YOU WILL HIRE FOR YOUR CERTER? WHAT WOULD YOU LOOK FOR WHEN YOU HIRE A PERSON? ….This will have implications for who will be hired as staff, what staff training will need to be built in and what kind of equipment and other materials will be needed. 5.What kind of training, education, and/or experience do you want the staff to have? If you want staff with extensive experience, you will probably need to budget higher salaries to attract the staff you want. HOW YOU WILL MANGE BIG BUDGET/SALARIES? EXPLAIN 6. What hourly rate do you expect to pay the teaching staff in your program?
How does this level of pay relate to other programs in your area? Support your response BY USING THIS WEBSITEhttp://www.labormarketinfo.edd.ca.gov/Content.asp?pageid=1009 7. Do you want to ensure a high level of individualized attention for each child? If this is important, it might mean that you will need to plan for a higher staff: child ratio in the center than the minimum required by Licensing and the State. 8. What level of parent involvement do you want in the program?
(A commitment to parent involvement will mean budgeting staff time, space, and materials to make it happen.) 9. Why breakfast, lunch and/or snacks be provided, or will children bring bag lunches? (Providing food at the program can ensure that the children receive nutritious food and that all children have equal access to adequate food. It is also more expensive than having children bring lunch. If the program serves low income children, CACFP (Child and Adult Care Food Program) could cover much of the cost. To access public dollars through the Administration for Children’s Services for child care or Head Start or through the Board of Education for Universal PreKindergarten, a hot lunch will have to be provided.) 10. why would you open full time preschool center program 7am-6pm? Why you choose these hours to open your PRESCHOOL CENTER? EXPLAIN. WHY YOU DON’T WANT TO OPEN A half-day program? EXPLAIN DIFFERENCE BETWEEN FULL DAY CENTER BENEFITS, AND WHY HALF DAY IS NOT THAT BENEFITS PROGRAM? Full-day childcare programs typically operate from 7:00 a.m.to 6:00p.m. Many parents work nontraditional hours and may need a program that opens earlier and/or closes later. The number of hours a program is open has a direct effect on how many teachers are needed and for how many hours. This impacts greatly on the cost of the program. ********AGAIN PLEASE GIVE EXAMPLES FOR EACH QUESTIONS + EXPLAIN YOUR Reasons IN DETAILS

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