Writing Assignment for Poetry Writing assignment is to analyze a poem by focusing on the sound and sense of the poem “Evening” by Mohan Singh You will want to begin your essay with a thesis sentence that states what the poem in its entirety does. This is basically your overall interpretation of the poem. This thesis sentence may sound something like this: “Harlem” by Langston Hughes explains the negative results of a dream deferred.
OR “There’s a Certain Slant of Light” by Emily Dickinson offers a depiction of depression during the winter season.” Once you have stated your thesis, you will then support that thesis by explaining the writer’s use of simile, metaphor, rhyme, meter, etc. as a means of communicating that thesis. For example: Langston Hughes is able to communicate the various results of a dream deferred through the similes and form of his poem.
The first simile, “does it dry up like a raisin in the sun,” describes the deferred dream as something that eventually loses its power and life although a bit of its sweetness may still be there. The second simile…. Remember that everything in your essay should relate to and support your thesis. That is what gives unity to an essay. As well, be sure to use specific quotes and details from the poem so that your essay is specific rather than general. Evening By Mohan Singh (translated by Balwant Gargi) The sun horse panting and snorting Reaches the shores of evening Kicking his hoofs and flicking red dust His vermillion mane wet with perspiration He throws red foam from his mouth The mellow-colored Evening comes And places her hand between his pricked ears Her long fingers Feel the hot breath from his nostrils And take off the bridle from his mouth The restive animal Tamed and quietened Walks behind the Evening slowly And goes into the stable of darkness

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